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STUDIJA - Liejyklos g. 4, Vilnius
16 birželio 2023

Gia Ram

Perfume is the language of invisible things.

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During our trips to get to know perfumery, we tried to look at scents differently. What can different perfume notes mean, what kind of memory can they bring. How powerful the breathing ritual can be – giving emphasis to invisible qualities.
Perfume is the language of invisible things.
M. Webb
While traveling, we also had to evaluate perfumes – as an item in a suitcase. The opportunity to have your favorite scent closer to you. To have as little as possible, to have more. This is part of our history, discoveries and creativity.
Oil perfume is the soul of all perfumes. This is how we want to introduce you to the pictures of 6 different scents by presenting them in the brightest colors. Through personal tests, we made sure that the bottle lasts for a year or more. We are counting day 592 – it doesn’t seem like it can end yet – and we like to breathe.

Our perfumes are special because
they are carefully crafted using high-quality ingredients and unique blends to create a signature scent that embodies luxury and sophistication.

Using perfume directly on the skin creates a small aura around. Oil-based perfumes do not dry out the skin – or hair – and after reacting with the skin, the scent lasts longer.
These 6 scents are different emotions reflected in the name. Immediately after applying it, you can understand what it is about. We want to give such an impression only with this kind of – concentrated – expression. No impurities – just pure emotion. The autumn-winter collection has a lot of sandalwood, cedar, saffron notes, which in different combinations will take you differently – to the fireplace or to the summer, to the pool or to the Moroccan market.

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