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THE STUDIO - Liejyklos st. 4, Vilnius

Discovery Set

8 highest quality parfum spray samples for 45 €. The perfect gift for a loved one or yourself. Experience each scent and flavor your personality.

We Invite You to Embrace an Untold Story


During our journeys dedicated to exploring perfumery, we attempted to perceive scents differently.
Each fragrance note can carry various meanings and memories. Putting on the perfume can be a powerful ritual, accentuating unseen qualities.

We believe that perfume is an art, and in art, there are no rules.
You can always look at putting perfume on more intriguingly and come up with new, personal ways to enjoy it. By experiencing scents in a unique way, you will create distinct encounters.

Embark on a Journey of Pure Pleasure in a Liquid Form

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New Scents Accompanied by Quality Ready-to-Wear Pieces
We will help you to pick your scent.

Try our perfumes in our STUDIO, located in Vilnius, Lithuania, Liejyklos st. 4

Experience the true essence of our perfumes at our STUDIO in Old Town Vilnius, Liejyklos st. 4.

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